Swallows Eaves Hotel

Cycling Holiday in Devon and Dorset

Are you planning a Cycling Holiday in Devon and Dorset?

Following feedback from our cycling guests, who were planning a Cycling Holiday in Devon and Dorset, we invested in a purpose built cycle cabin. You can be assured your bikes will be kept  under cover, and you will have lockable space to store outdoor clothing and equipment.

The cabin has a key-pad lock that is unique to your guest room.

During your Cycling Holiday in Devon and Dorset, we have provided a wash-off area to enable you to clean off your bikes and equipment before you settle in for the night.

We have also linked with local companies to have cycling tour guides available during your Cycling Holiday in Devon and Dorset, if you fancy exploring the local area with an expert who knows all the best places to catch the best views!

Whilst you are here on your Cycling Holiday in Devon and Dorset, we can also hook you up with the local cycling club who welcome visitors to join them on their road rides. Alternatively if you’re relatively new to cycling and feel slightly intimidated by Devon’s hills, we have partnered with Marshwood Trails who provide electric bike tours!

Cycling holidays in Devon and Dorset are an exciting way of getting to know this rural part of Britain, and the area is a popular holiday destination among the English due to its warm sunny weather, rolling landscapes and interesting coastlines. Devon isn’t completely flat and does have some hills.

We’ve included lots of links below with information especially for cyclists, including local bike shops, cycling clubs and places of interest.

Local Cycling Clubs: 

Local Bike Shops:

Links for Places of Interest & Cycling Routes: