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Swallows Eaves Privacy & Cookies Policy

To provide you with the best experience on this website, cookies are used. By using the site it’s assumed that you’re happy with our use of cookies.

Why do we have a Cookies Policy?

In May 2011 a new law came into effect (although UK business had a one year exemption) which requires all websites to obtain informed consent from visitors before they can store or retrieve any information (using cookies) on a computer or any other web connected device. This law is the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as amended by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are the governors of this law in the UK (click here for further information on the ICO).

What types of cookies are used?

Essentially there are 4 categories of cookies:

1. ‘Strictly necessary’ cookies (enables our site to fulfil its function when a visitor needs to log-in for anything)

2. Performance cookies that collect statistics about how a visitor uses the website (eg from where did the visitor arrive (‘land’) on our site, how much time did they spend here or which pages are visited the most). Google Analytics is an example of a performance cookie.

3. Functionality cookies which remember the choices a visitor makes (such as the visitor’s name, language or region) and provide enhanced, more personal features. Generally, these cookies do not track the visitor’s browsing activity on other websites, and the information they collect is usually anonymous. However, in some cases, cookies that perform these functions are used to tailor advertising to the visitor. For instance, if the cookies know where the visitor is, they know which local businesses to promote on the website. If this is the case, these functionality cookies will fall into the fourth category of cookie (see next).

4. Targeting or ‘advertising’ cookies that record a visitor’s browsing habits and preferences in order to tailor marketing and online advertising to them (a typical example is Facebook – every page you visit that contains a Facebook ‘Like’ button sends the fact that you’ve visited that page back to Facebook, which can use this information to make sure you only see advertisements on Facebook which are relevant to your interests. This occurs whether you decide to ‘Like’ the page or not). These type of cookies are primarily what e-Privacy Directive was brought in to govern.

A more detailed description of these types of cookies is available in the ICC UK Cookie Guide.

What Cookies are used by this site?

The Swallows Eaves Hotel website is relatively simple. This website sets:

1) performance cookies for Google Analytics so we can track general information (such as how long a page is looked at, which pages are visited the most etc). All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. It is only used to improve how a website works.

2) functionality cookies for when you use our ‘contact us’ form or our social media links so the website ‘remembers’ the choices you make. Please note that if you use the “Availability Checker”, functionality cookies are used and you are directed to another website as part of our On-line Booking Manager (empowered by Little Hotelier).